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The coastal plains of the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman in southern Iran have mild winters, and very humid and hot summers. On average, an earthquake of magnitude seven on the Richter scale occurs once every ten years. Most earthquakes are shallow-focus and can be very devastating, such as the tragic 2003 Bam earthquake.

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  • Nikita Khrushchev’s denunciation of Stalinism at the 1956 Party Congress silenced Robeson on Stalin, although Robeson continued to praise the Soviet Union.
  • He then sang in the chorus of an Off-Broadway production of Shuffle Along before he joined Taboo in Britain.
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  • In 1956, in the United Kingdom, Topic Records, at that time part of the Workers Music Association, released a single of Robeson singing „Joe Hill“, written by Alfred Hayes and Earl Robinson, backed with „John Brown’s Body“.
  • In 1948, Robeson was prominent in Henry A. Wallace’s bid for the President of the United States, during which Robeson traveled to the Deep South, at risk to his own life, to campaign for him.

Iranian scientists outside Iran have also made some major contributions to science. In 1960, Ali Javan co-invented the first gas laser, and fuzzy set theory was introduced by Lotfi A. Zadeh. Iranian cardiologist Tofigh Mussivand invented and developed the first artificial cardiac pump, the precursor of the artificial heart.

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The Expediency Council has the authority to mediate disputes between the Parliament and the Guardian Council, and serves as an advisory body to the Supreme Leader, making it one of the most el barco 1×02 powerful governing bodies in the country. Local city councils are elected by public vote to four-year terms in all cities and villages of Iran. The President is responsible for the implementation of the constitution, and for the exercise of executive powers in implementing the decrees and general policies as outlined by the Supreme Leader, except for matters directly related to the Supreme Leader, who has the final say in all matters. Unlike the executive in other countries, the President of Iran does not have full control over anything, as these are ultimately under the control of the Supreme Leader. Chapter IX of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran sets forth the qualifications for presidential candidates. The procedures for presidential election and all other elections in Iran are outlined by the Supreme Leader.

It is bordered to the northwest by Armenia , the Azeri exclave of Nakhchivan , and the Republic of Azerbaijan ; to the north by the Caspian Sea; to the northeast by Turkmenistan ; to the east by Afghanistan and Pakistan ; to the south by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman; and to the west by Iraq and Turkey . On 22 September 1980, the Iraqi army invaded the western Iranian province of Khuzestan, initiating the Iran–Iraq War. Although the forces of Saddam Hussein made several early advances, by mid-1982, the Iranian forces successfully managed to drive the Iraqi army back into Iraq. In July 1982, with Iraq thrown on the defensive, the regime of Iran decided to invade Iraq and conducted countless offensives to conquer Iraqi territory and capture cities, such as Basra. The war continued until 1988 when the Iraqi army defeated the Iranian forces inside Iraq and pushed the remaining Iranian troops back across the border.

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In 2007, Iran’s military spending represented 2.6% of the GDP or $102 per capita, the lowest figure of the Persian Gulf nations. In 2014, the country spent $15 billion on arms, while the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council spent eight times more. The Supreme Leader appoints the head of the country’s judiciary, appointing the head of the Supreme Court and the chief public prosecutor. There are several types of courts, including public courts that deal with civil and criminal cases, and revolutionary courts which deal with certain categories of offenses, such as crimes against national security.

Whether cramming for an exam or struggling with a concept, Kortext offers a whole range of textbooks to help find the answers you need. Instantly access textbooks wherever you are – at the gym, on the train or even from the comfort of your sofa. With all the textbooks you need, and more titles being added, you’ll have an endless choice of study material. Similarly, in tune with the werewolf costumes and effects, this use of landscape also ensures the film remains suitably tangible, the woodland, the cottage, the Land rover and the Army uniforms giving a very British feel to proceedings. Marshall followed this up with the more widely received The Decent in 2005 – with its group of female cavers, arguable something of a sister film to the rather male Dog Soldiers.

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After Maxwell’s death in October 1940, his widow Catherine sold a large number of shares to Warner Bros., who, although the Maxwell family remained the largest shareholders, were able to exercise a measure of control. The studio at Elstree was taken over by the government for the duration of the war. Film production was restricted to B-Pictures made at the company’s smaller studio in Welwyn Garden City, which closed in 1950. The company was founded during 1927 by Scottish solicitor John Maxwell after he had purchased British National Pictures Studios and its Elstree Studios complex and merged it with his ABC Cinemas circuit, renaming the company British International Pictures. The Wardour Film Company, with Maxwell as chairman, was the distributor of BIP films. He appointed Joseph Grossman, formerly manager of the Stoll Studios, his Studio Manager.

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The Supreme Leader is directly involved in ministerial appointments for Defense, Intelligence and Foreign Affairs, as well as other top ministries after submission of candidates from the president. Iran’s regional policy is directly controlled by the office of the Supreme Leader with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs‘ task limited to protocol and ceremonial occasions. All of Iran’s ambassadors to Arab countries, for example, are chosen by the Quds Corps, which directly reports to the Supreme Leader. The budget bill for every year, as well as withdrawing money from the National Development Fund of Iran, require Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s approval and permission. Setad, estimated at $95 billion in 2013 by the Reuters, accounts of which are secret even to the Iranian parliament, is controlled only by the Supreme Leader. At least 74 species of Iranian wildlife are on the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, a sign of serious threats against the country’s biodiversity.

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Subsequently, he received, with immense pride, an honorary master’s degree from Rutgers. Thereabout, his former football coach, Foster Sanford, advised him that divorcing Essie and marrying Ashcroft would do irreparable damage to his reputation. Ashcroft and Robeson’s relationship ended in 1932, following which Robeson and Essie reconciled, although their relationship was scarred permanently. Essie had learned early in their marriage that Robeson had been involved in extramarital affairs, but she tolerated them. However, when she discovered that he was having another affair, she unfavorably altered the characterization of him in his biography, and defamed him by describing him with „negative racial stereotypes“.

Having 11 climates out of the world’s 13, Iran’s climate is diverse, ranging from arid and semi-arid, to subtropical along the Caspian coast and the northern forests. On the northern edge of the country , temperatures rarely fall below freezing and the area remains humid for the rest of the year. Annual precipitation is 680 mm (26.8 in) in the eastern part of the plain and more than 1,700 mm (66.9 in) in the western part. Gary Lewis, the United Nations Resident Coordinator for Iran, has said that „Water scarcity poses the most severe human security challenge in Iran today“. On 3 January 2020, the revolutionary guard’s general, Qasem Soleimani, was assassinated by the United States in Iraq, which considerably heightened the existing tensions between the two countries. Three days after, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps launched a retaliatory attack on US forces in Iraq and by accident shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, killing 176 civilians and leading to nation-wide protests.